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Fanboy Planet Podcast #398: The Punch! (5-22-15)
The Fanboys review free comics from VIZ, Convergence and Secret Wars check-in, DC You, DC Comics vs. Rihanna, Batkid Begins, the Flash movie, Tomorrowland, Arrow and Flash finales, Twin Peaks, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #397: Legends of Later That Same Night! (5-15-15)
The Fanboys assemble to discuss Secret Wars and Convergence, New York Comic-Con, Batman: Earth One, Thor, Fantastic Four, The New Mutants, Mad Max: Fury Road, Supergirl, Lucifer, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, SHIELD, Doctor Who in Lego: Dimensions, and so much more!

An Informative Mad Max Infographic by Daniel DeFabio (05-14-15)
Just to get you up to speed before you hit Fury Road...

The CW Previews DC's Legends of Tomorrow by Derek McCaw (05-14-15)
If only Rip Hunter could take us into 2016!

Big Wow 2015: The Last Big Wow! by Ric Bretschneider and Derek McCaw (05-12-15)
Next year it will be Silicon Valley Comic Con; by any name, it's great...

Superpowered Trailer For CBS' Supergirl by Derek McCaw (05-13-15)
Practically the whole pilot in six and a half minutes... and it's pretty good!

The Best DC Movie Is A Graphic Novel: Batman Earth One by Derek McCaw (05-13-15)
Volume Two of this rethinking of Batman is your best read this week...

Big Wow 2015: An Artist's Convention by Ric Bretschneider (05-12-15)
The Silicon Valley is crawling with terrific comics talent, and Big Wow! proves it...

Fox Has A Deal With The Devil: DC/Vertigo's Lucifer by Derek McCaw (05-12-15)
Better to serve drinks in Los Angeles than to rule in Hell...

An Animated Flash Gordon - What If? by Derek McCaw (05-12-15)
Animator Robb Pratt invites you back to the world of tomorrow -- it's terrific fun!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #396: No Post-Credits Scene! (5-8-15)
The Fanboys assemble to discuss Secret Wars, Thor's identity, Free Comic Book Day review, Joss Whedon, Suicide SquadCivil War, The Wolverine III, Bryan Singer’s Rogue Cut, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, Preacher, Machinima, SHIELD, Flash, Disney Infinity 3.0, Nintendo theme parks, and so much more!

Secret Wars Begins... by Derek McCaw (05-07-15)
It's dense and terrific, but if you're not a fan, how can you keep up?

Two New DC Series Confirmed For TV by Derek McCaw (05-07-15)
Supergirl flies on CBS and The CW expands with Legends of Tomorrow...

Schwarzenegger's Maggie In LEGO... by Derek McCaw (05-07-15)
LEGO zombie Abigail Breslin.

DC And Machinima Update Dial H For Hero by Derek McCaw (05-04-15)
Same basic concept, but #4Hero will be a little bit different...

DC Launches Hero Project With Machinima by Derek McCaw (05-04-15)
It's a creators' reality series to see who gets to make a Starman fan film?

Machinima Continues Bruce Timm's Dark Vision by Derek McCaw (05-04-15)
Justice League: Gods & Monsters Chronicles already renewed for a second season...

David Ayer Reveals His Suicide Squad by Derek McCaw (05-03-15)
They're getting the bad guys back together... and maybe this will be the DC movie that works!

SNL Previews The Black Widow Solo Film by Derek McCaw (05-03-15)
Hurry, Marvel! Because you know Warner Brothers is taking notes...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #395: Well Done Humanity! (05-02-015)
The Fanboys discuss Free Comic Book Day, Convergence, The Dark Knight 3, Secret Wars, Drax the Destroyer, Ben Affleck as Batman, Jared Leto as the Joker, the next Peter Parker, Kingsman sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Agents of SHIELD/Avengers tie-in, Iron Fist, Flash, Constantine, and so much more!

Toys R Us Gets A Secret Wars Preview by Derek McCaw (05-01-15)
The catch is... you only have a week to get it, and darn, you have to buy Avengers toys...

Four Stories. One Ticking Clock. Dead Drop #1. by Derek McCaw (05-01-15)
Valiant Comics' latest pulse-pounding crossover hits stores May 6!

Star Wars Celebration: That Galaxy Far, Far Away Part 2 by Drew Campbell (04-30-15)
Rancors, Troopers, and yes, of course, a Slave Leia...

Piecing Together Convergence by Derek McCaw (04-30-15)
Mixing up a bunch of continuities can't be all bad, right?

Star Wars Celebration 2015: That Galaxy Far, Far Away... by Drew Campbell (04-29-15)
Some of the sights to be had as Anaheim gives in to the Star Wars side...

Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron by Derek McCaw (04-29-15)
It's a monster of a movie, launching the next big Marvel Phase...

Star Wars Celebration 2015: RU R2, Too? by Drew Campbell (04-28-15)
Sideshow.com sponsored an exhibit of R2 mash-ups that are quite cool...

Wondercon 2015: Cosplay Gallery 4 by Steph Rodriguez (04-28-15)
Gotta catch 'em all... or at least a few more...

Kickstart The Tommy Gun Dolls by Derek McCaw (04-28-15)
Creator Daniel Cooney tells a story of 1920s San Francisco: burlesque, the mob, and...

Inside Star Wars Celebration 2015 by Drew Campbell (04-28-15)
One of our own journeyed to Anaheim in a galaxy far, far away...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #394: Star Wars Celebration! (4-27-15)
The Fanboys discuss our exclusive Star Wars Celebration report, the Eisner awards, Silicon Valley Comic Con, tons of trailers, a Convergence update, Ant-Man, Daredevil, Galaxy Quest, Flash, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #393: That One Where We Talk To People (4-21-15)
The Fanboys interview James Robinson and Greg Hinkle about their upcoming Airboy comic, then dive into the future of the Los Angeles Science Fiction museum, and talk with the creative team (and Beast Boy and Robin) of Teen Titans Go, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #392: Wow, Big Wow! (4-11-15)
The Fanboys run down a Big Wow! Comic Fest preview, The Lord of the Rings in concert, WonderCon moving again, the Vision revealed, The Thing revealed, Killer Frost Coming on FlashLEGO Dimensions, and so much more!

Wondercon 2015: Cosplay Gallery 3 by Steph Rodriguez (04-10-15)
Joker, Harley, and Ivy... it's like 50 Shades of Green....

Are You Ready For LEGO Dimensions? by Derek McCaw (04-09-15)
A new player enters the toys-to-life game genre. If they make you build it, will you play?

Wondercon 2015: Batman Vs. Robin by Derek McCaw (04-08-15)
Actually, in the clip provided by Warner Brothers, it's Nightwing vs. Robin, and totally worth it.

Wondercon 2015 With Sydney Salazar by Sydney Salazar and Jason Salazar (04-08-15)
If you think we're all acting like big kids, try it from the kid's perspective...

Wondercon 2015: The Flash Sizzle Reel by Derek McCaw (04-07-15)
Reminding everyone in Anaheim that the best superhero adaptation is on the CW now...

Wondercon 2015: Cosplay Gallery 2 by Steph Rodriguez (04-07-15)
You can see Iron Men both primitive and superior, and have one heck of an adventure...

Star Wars Coming To Digital HD by Derek McCaw (04-07-15)
...and YES, you can purchase all six movies right here...

Symphony Silicon Valley Walks Into Mordor... by Derek McCaw (04-06-15)
Because apparently, when you have a fellowship of 250 musicians, you CAN...

Wondercon 2015: A Little Bit of Friday Cosplay... by Derek McCaw (04-05-15)
From the littlest Rocket Raccoon to a Hogwarts' reunion...

Wondercon 2015: In Brightest Day, In The Final Frontier... by Derek McCaw (04-04-15)
IDW and DC Comics announce the next big crossover: Star Trek and Green Lantern!

Wondercon 2015: Why, With Your Glasses You're Superman! by Derek McCaw (04-04-15)
Sires Crown Eyewear is upping your nerd repping in a big way...

Wondercon 2015: The San Andreas 4D Experience by Derek McCaw (04-04-15)
A whole lotta shaking goin' on in Anaheim...

FLASHBACK: Interviewing Michael Gray by Derek McCaw (reposted 04-03-15)
A recent guest star on Archer, we interviewed him three years ago about Shazam!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #391: Ding Dong Wax is Different from Ho Ho Wax! (4-2-15)
The Fanboys gab about Barb Wire for Star Wars, Big Hero 6, Secret Wars, Wonder Woman: Earth-One, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Rage of Ultron, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, animated Batman ’66, SPECTRE, Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter, Game of Thrones, Fear the Walking Dead!,  X-Files Revival, Super Grover, and so much more!

First Teaser For Starz' Ash Vs. Evil Dead by Derek McCaw (04-02-15)

Joker's Wild For April Fool's Day by Misha Frankly (04-01-15)
Lead singer of Lee Presson and the Nails plays The Joker to the hilt...

Living In The Marvel Universe (For Two Hours) by Derek McCaw (04-01-15)
Cheesy? Maybe. But oh, it tastes so good...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #390: Are You Psychic? (3-30-15)
The Fanboys talk about who really is the Human Torch, Star Wars comics, the Death of Donatello, Elk's Run, Comic Cons, Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Infinity War, Ready Player One, casting Newt Scamander, Kings of Con and Con Men, whats hidden in The Flash, Agents of SHIELD. iZombie, Daredevil, Powers, 10 years of New Doctor Who, and so much more!

Ryan Reynolds Bears It All As Deadpool by Derek McCaw (03-27-15)
Love or hate what they're doing on Fantastic Four, Fox gets Deadpool...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #389: You Can Call Me Sydney! (3-22-15)
The Fanboys chat with creators and cast of Donovan & Simms, then move to news of the Archie relaunch, Secret Wars, Zap Comix, Orphan Black, SPECTRE, Pixels, Age of Ultron, the Crow, Deadpool, Star Wars, Preacher, iZombie, Sharknado 3, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #388: Cinequest 2015 Interview Episode! (3-14-15)
The Fanboys interview Film writer and Star Wars legend Lawrence Kasdan, talk with the casts of Clew, The House on Pine Street, Astraea, and discover unexpected Cosplay!  Do you believe in ghosts?

Cinequest 2015: Short Catch-Up Reviews by Ric Bretschneider (3-7-15)
A last bit of advice as you look at your film choices for the final days of Cinequest
UPDATE: Four of these films are marked for Sunday Encores!

Cinequest 2015: Bad Exorcists by Ric Bretschneider (3-6-15)
Delivers a lot of laughs, mixed with just enough shocks and scares. Exactly what I was looking for

Cinequest 2015: The House On Pine Street by Ric Bretschneider (3-2-15)
A film that will haunt you long after you leave the theater....

Cinequest 2015: Astraea by Ric Bretschneider (3-1-15)
Making human connections after the apocalypse may be the most dangerous thing to pursue...

Cinequest 2015: Clew by Ric Bretschneider (2-28-15)
If you like puzzles, especially those that expose a new puzzle past the first answer...

Cinequest 2015: Aspie Seeks Love by Ric Bretschnedier (2-28-15)
The picture of a different form of coping is the real gift of this movie.

Cinequest 2015: Afterlife (Utoelet) by Ric Bretschneider (2-27-15)
What to do when your father just won't stop haunting you...

Where The Hell Is Tesla? and Why Does Rob Dircks Ask? by Daniel DeFabio (2-27-15)
A comic sci-fi novel about a lost genius and an interview with the man who wrote it....

Fanboy On Kickstarter #13: Thunderbirds Are GO! by Ric Bretschneider (02-26-15)
Thunderbirds Cooperative Game!: How much awesome can you pack into one nostalgic gem?

Cinequest 2015: Batkid Begins by Derek McCaw (2-25-15)
Just to remind you that actually, yes, most of us do want to make the world a better place...

Cinequest 2015: Songs She Wrote About People She Knows by Ric Bretschneider (2-25-15)
What's not to love about someone singing about how much they dislike dislikable characters?

Cinequest 2015: Booze Boys & Brownies by Ric Bretschneider (2-25-15)
Can a girl find fame, fortune, and romance in an LA musical? Yes, but...

Cinequest 2015: Daily Film Journal Introduction by Ric Bretschneider (2-24-15)
One man's take on the Cinequest films... beginning a Cine...quest... if you will...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #387: Fanboy of Two Worlds! (2-20-15)
Your Fanboys recap Gallifrey One, Chew board game, Archie #666, Ultraman, Morena Baccarin, Deadpool movie, X-Men casting, Love in the Time of Monsters, Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Dreadstar TV show, Agent Carter, Hawkeye rumor, Firestorm in FlashConstantine, Lucifer, and so much more!

Fanboy Planet Podcast #386: Live from Gallifrey One 2015! (2-17-15)
The Fanboys travel to the preeminent Doctor Who convention this side of the pond, Gallifrey One, where they chat with Dan “Commander Strax” Starkey, catch up with The Worlds of Doctor Who on Time Travel TV, then discuss recent news of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Scribd unlimited comics, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., new Supernatural and Ghostbusters games, and so much more!

Gallifrey One Repost: Doctor Who Jokes of the Week! (02-14-15)
In honor of attending Gallifrey One, we repost a video about the Capaldi casting kerfuffle!

Top Team Continues On Robin, Son Of Batman by Derek McCaw (02-11-15)
Mick Gray officially continuing with Patrick Gleason on one of DC's best characters!

Marvel Welcomes You To Where Monsters Dwell... by Derek McCaw (02-10-15)
Straight up pulp fiction disguised as a Secret Wars tie-in... sounds good!

The Speculative Spider-Man by Derek McCaw (02-10-15)
We've all had a chance to sleep on the news... let the fun begin!

IT'S TRUE! SPIDER-MAN IS IN THE MCU!!!! by Nate Costa (02-09-15)
The dream IS ALIVE!

Loopin' Chewie Is On Its Way To A Galaxy Near You by Ric Bretschneider (02-09-15)
Sorry, kids... you may have to fight your way through a throng of overaged fanboys...

Cinequest 2015: Dennis Lehane, Maverick Spirit by Derek McCaw (02-09-15)
Bringing the new noir to novels, cinema, and now San Jose...

Web Series Watch: Fresh Hell by Daniel DeFabio (02-09-15)
Exploring the lighter dark side of Brent Spiner...

Cinequest 2015: Lawrence Kasdan To Receive Award by Derek McCaw (02-09-15)
From Body Heat to The Force Awakens, this maverick has carved out iconic status...

Returning Constantine To Hellblazer Status by Derek McCaw (02-07-15)
Part of the DC relaunch includes making Constantine the darker book it originally was...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #385: The Cinequest Show! (2-6-15)
The Fanboys sit down with Cinequest Director of Programming Michael Rabehl to discuss the preeminent San Jose, California film festival running between February 24th and March 8th, 2014. We discuss this year’s Maverick Spirit award winners John Boorman, Rosario Dawson, and Richard Von Busack, and then dive into the huge number of movies at the festival including Batkid Begins, Bad Exorcists, Meet the Hitlers, Kill Me Three Times, Wild Tales, The Maze Runner in Barco Escape, Bad City, Clew, The House on Pine Street, Dermaphoria, The Sea Horse, The Strongest Man, Slow West, and so much more!

Patton Oswalt Laid Out Marvel/Star Wars Crossover Last Year by Derek McCaw (02-06-15)
Just a reminder of the comedian's brilliant filibuster last year on Parks and Recreation...

Marvel Announces A-Force But Not On The View by Derek McCaw (02-06-15)
Whoopi bumps Marvel, but we all still win...

DC Comics Reveals The More Diverse New 49... by Derek McCaw (02-06-15)
Who's counting as long as the books are good?

Marvel Makes A FORCEFUL Announcement On THE VIEW by Derek McCaw (02-05-15)
Is Whoopi going to Battleworld?

The Black Vortex Is Coming... by Derek McCaw (02-04-15)
The Guardians of the Galaxy and the X-Men battle to determine who will rule Marvel...

The Full Marvel Netflix Daredevil Trailer! by Derek McCaw (02-04-15)
I really want a glimpse of the red suit, but this does look good...

April Is "What The Duck?" Month At Marvel! by Derek McCaw (02-04-15)
Let's just start #SixIssuesAndAMovie...

Web Series Watch: H+ by Daniel DeFabio (01-30-15)
Bryan Singer produces this ambitious interactive scifi webseries... catch it!

She's Back! First Look At Spider-Gwen #1! by Derek McCaw (01-30-15)
Has anyone noticed that Spider-Gwen and Gwen Stacy are never in the same room together?

Fanboy Planet Podcast #384: Can You Bleach Kryptonian Hair? (1-30-15)
The Fanboys debate the Phases of Battleworld, #ComicsForward, Marvel CollectorCorps, Joker origin, Cinequest 2015 and Batkid Begins, Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones, Emma Watson as Belle, Ghostbusters, The Fantastic Four, Lego sets, Big Trouble in Action Figures, Supergirl and her Jimmy Olsen, David Tennant joining Jessica Jones, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Agent Carter, The Flash, Scream Queens the musical, and so much more!

A Visual Guide To Marvel Movie Rights Revisited by Derek McCaw (01-29-15)
It's making the rounds again, so it's worthwhile running the updated version...

Boom! Studios Asks To Push #ComicsForward by Ross Richie (01-28-15)
Ross writes this editorial for PREVIEWS Magazine, but the conversation can spill over here...

Cinequest 2015: Batkid Begins To Open Cinequest by Derek McCaw (01-28-15)
San Jose's world-class film festival opens with a film that's close to home...

Fox Releases Trailer For Fantastic Four by Derek McCaw (01-27-15)
Here it is... but is it fantastic?

Julia Roberts Attached To Remake Batkid Begins by Derek McCaw (01-24-15)
On the eve of its world premiere at Slamdance, a major star jumps onboard...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #383: Secret Time Walks Out!! (1-23-15)
A Fanboy interview: Snow White: What Happened Happily Ever After, then Secret Wars, Disney comics, Dark Circle Comics, Galaxy Quest, the Chew board game, George Lucas secrets, Fables movie, Avatar sequel, Heroes renewed, Constantine, iZombie, Batman vs. Robin, X-Files, and so much more!

Marvel's Plans For Free Comic Book Day 2015! by Derek McCaw (01-23-15)
Reminding you, of course, that the first one is free... and Secret Wars begins here!

A New Supergirl and a New Jean Grey by Derek McCaw (01-22-15)
Moving forward on the CBS pilot and ready to reboot some classic X-Men...

Disney Comics Return ... From IDW! by Derek McCaw (01-22-15)
For some reason, Uncle Scrooge does not want to team up with Spider-Man...

Top Shelf Releases March, Book Two by Derek McCaw (01-21-15)
Because comics can and do talk about things that are actually important...

Secret Wars Announced: The Marvel Universe Is DOOMED by Searnold (01-20-15)
Time runs out, and Battleworld is coming. Everything really is about to change... or is it?

Dark Circle Comics Releases First Look At The Black Hood #1 by Derek McCaw (01-20-15)
Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos revive the former Archie Comics' vigilante...

Web Series Watch: Doctor Puppet by Daniel DeFabio (01-20-15)
A look behind-the-scenes at the cutest unofficial Doctor Who spin-offs of them all...

An Interview With Michael Golamco by Derek McCaw (01-20-15)
Playwright, GRIMM staff writer, and Diet Coke enthusiast...

Fanboy Planet Podcast #382: WTD? (1-17-15)
The Fanboys interview Grimm writer and playwrite Michael Golamco, then discuss Marvel's WTD month, new Guardians of the Galaxy comic, Star Wars #1, Oscar Nominations, the Fantastic Four movie news, Suicide Squad, the Sub-Ultrons, Agent Carter, Galavant, Star Wars Rebels, The Walking Dead, and so much more!

San Francisco About To Suffer An Attack On Titan! by Derek McCaw (01-15-15)
Join the fun on February 1st as players attempt to Escape from the Walled City!

Image Direct Coming To Your Door... Directly by Derek McCaw (01-15-15)
Image Comics announces a subscription service... is it a game changer?

Marvel's Star Wars #1 by Derek McCaw (01-14-15)
It's so pretty... and it's sold a million copies... but how good is it, really?

Image Expo 2015: The Experience Continues by Lorenza Shabe (01-14-15)
Which Image creator still owes us lunch?

Huge Hamsters Eating Huge Burritos by Jason Salazar (01-14-15)
Reposted from June because I JUST CAN'T LET THIS DIE!...

City Lights Theater Company Presents BUILD by Rebecca Wallace (01-14-15)
Lighting designer Nick Kumamoto uses new technology for sci fi gaming drama...

Unkillable Rumor: Spider-Man To Join The Avengers by Derek McCaw (01-14-15)
We admit that it's a pretty reliable source for a dream come true, but can we still spin it?

Image Expo Unveils The Books We'll Be Reading In 2015 by Lorenza Shabe (01-13-15)
A rundown of the announcements from last week's huge event...


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