Check In To The Gingerbread Bates Motel...

'tis the season... and maybe the seasoning...

No words. Awesome angle.

We first met writers/directors Aaron and Austin Keeling at Cinequest 2015. The two had created a chilling and effective take on the haunted house movie with The House on Pine Street. Aside from being great young filmmakers, the Keelings also have an affinity for Disney, so of course we found a bond.

But they’re not content being talents to watch in the film industry — oh, no. Should there be a world of competitive Gingerbread House making, they would absolutely rule it. Last year they made a splash with their gingerbread Overlook Hotel; today, Aaron and Austin unveiled their 2016 creation — a lovingly detailed (and probably delicious) replica of the Bates Motel and Psycho House. As they point out, Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) was killed on December 12, so this technically qualifies as a Christmas movie. The Keelings acknowledge the support of Melissa Hughes, Natalie Jones, and AJ Meyer in constructing this macabre creation.

Is there any candy corn?

Set on a base 4′ x 4′, and 2′ tall at its peak, this is nothing short of spectacular. Everything but the base and lights are edible. Maybe Universal ought to hire them. (To direct a movie, because dammit, these guys are as good at movie-making as they are at gingerbread house making.) My only question is… are any of these cookies from Mother’s?

But then let’s get deeper… after all, the devil (dogs)’ in the details….


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