Fanboy Planet Podcast #117 – I’m All In!

This week the Fanboys send you an extra-large podcast and make with the sweet talk with The Pussycat Dolls, review DC’s new Supergirl children’s book, comics that come with toys, wrap-up on Batman RIP, the end to Secret Invasion, Neil Gaiman, Prince of Stories, a special Punisher Warzone review, the Jonah Hex movie, LARPing in Role Models, The Fall, Tropic Thunder voice over content review, the original Day the Earth Stood Still, Prince Caspian, Dark Knight at the Oscars discussion, Brave and the Bold catch-up, Heroes disappointments, Wii video games Sonic Unleashed, Pop Star Guitar, Mass Effect, Peggle Nights, and Tomb Raider Underworld, watch Barbie take down the Bratz girls, Holiday Gift recommendations, and so much more!

About Ric Bretschneider
When Ric Bretschneider isn't producing the Fanboy Planet Podcast, he obsessively collects geek activities. If you Google him, you'd swear you're looking at five different guys. A professional software developer for decades, your computer likely has at least one application he's worked on. He consults with individuals and groups on how to effectively present and engage an audience. Lately he’s been into pro and fan applications of e-communities and podcasting. When he has a moment, Ric reads books and comics, and plays analog board and card games. He's here to help people, it's what he does.