Fanboy Planet Podcast #85: That Was for You Stephanie!

Ric Bretschneider, Lon Lopez, and Derek McCaw discussthe next Last Defenders, return to the House of Mystery, keeping up with Salvation Run, connecting Annihilation to Civil War and Secret Invasion, Hulk and Hellboy movies, swinging in on the Spectacular Spiderman, looking forward to Imaginationland, and a whole lot more!

About Ric Bretschneider
When Ric Bretschneider isn't producing the Fanboy Planet Podcast, he obsessively collects geek activities. If you Google him, you'd swear you're looking at five different guys. A professional software developer for decades, your computer likely has at least one application he's worked on. He consults with individuals and groups on how to effectively present and engage an audience. Lately he’s been into pro and fan applications of e-communities and podcasting. When he has a moment, Ric reads books and comics, and plays analog board and card games. He's here to help people, it's what he does.