Final Official Super Tiger Platinum ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer

If we had any doubts on Warner Brothers’ DC Cinematic Universe strategy, it’s put to rest here: it’s all Batman all the time. The flip side is that we really get a moment to see Jeremy Irons be Alfred in the way that he’s portrayed in the comics, the sardonic helper instead of the worrier that Michael Caine became in the Dark Knight trilogy. I know Ben Affleck isn’t everyone’s cup of Bat-Tea, but he fits what these movies are — loud, explosive, and great to eat popcorn to, instead of the attempts at being think pieces that Christopher Nolan was trying to achieve. (Whether HE succeeded — well, that’s open to debate, too.)

So this has a lot more of what a bad-ass Batman will be here — and yes, it’s over the top. But that’s Zack Snyder’s specialty — you may consider him empty, but he translates to film all that is good and bad about modern comics storytelling, and I find plenty to enjoy despite my disagreement with his take on Superman. He gives us a taste of Wonder Woman; I’m holding out hopes for the Wonder Woman movie to give me more, and more of what the character should be. (Though again — you want to see the perfect Wonder Woman movie? Turn to this animated film.)


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