The Next ‘Arrow/Flash’ Crossover Includes Hawks

December 1st and 2nd sets the stage for Legends of Tomorrow

Just a couple of days ago, Lon Lopez checked in to see if I’d caught up on Arrow yet. Apparently, Season Four is even better than everybody had been telling me Seasons Two and Three were… and it’s on my list. The way I check in with Arrow is when there’s a crossover with The Flash. Then I tell myself I really have to catch up. And it’s coming again…

December 1st and 2nd will be the next crossover between the two series, and it’s doing more work to set up the third CW/DC Universe show, Legends of Tomorrow (which may still have the “DC” in front of it, as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. technically has a “Marvel’s” in front of its title). Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted the following image of all the superheroes that will be in the crossover:


From Arrow, we have Speedy, Green Arrow, Black Canary (whose sister White Canary will be in Legends of Tomorrow), and “Diggle” — have they given him a superhero name? He looks vaguely like Crimebuster, but would he go for that as his codename? And from The Flash, there’s The Flash. Obviously, the Hawks are there, too.

We’ve already seen Kendra Saunders (Ciera Renee) in Central City, as a potential love interest for Cisco. Falk Hentschel’s portrayal of Carter Hall has not been introduced, but it won’t be long before they’re Hawkgirl (Hawkwoman?) and Hawkman.

I don’t mind the costumes, though I wish that producers would stop being afraid of bright colors on superheroes. (Obviously, it isn’t just DC, but even Supergirl’s costume could stand to be a little brighter blue.) Hawkman’s harness looks good on paper where he can be drawn with exaggerated, Ricardo Montalban-style pectoral muscles, but that might not play on the screen nearly as well. Still, Smallville came closer with Hawkman’s appearance, played by Michael Shanks.


It’s both the helmets — which admittedly, different artists have interpreted differently, and for flying characters at least these look somewhat more aerodynamic — and the wings. We can’t see the wings. On Smallville, they looked both accurate and a little silly, but… they’re HAWKPEOPLE! They’re based on Flash Gordon’s Hawkmen… give in! Give in! You just gave us King Shark! GIVE US HAWKS!







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