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In the town where I was born lived a man who... oh, please, you clicked to get over to this page. YOU KNOW THE REST! You already want the digitally remastered DVD of the Beatles' Yellow Submarine.

Hitting stores on June 5, 2012, the DVD and/or Blu-ray features interviews with cast members, art directors and various talents associated with the film. Plus it's bursting with behind-the-scenes art. And we've got one (1) copy of the DVD to give away!

To win, fill out the form below and answer the questions. The winner will be chosen by random drawing on June 2, 2012, then notified via email! (We promise to use your email and contact information only for this good purpose.)

Fanboy Planet staff members, sadly, are ineligible for this contest.

Good luck!

Email Address :
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AGE* :
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Level One (easy):
1. All you need is...?  
Level Two (intermediate):
4. Jeremy the Boob is first serenaded with this Beatles song:  
Level Three (true fanperson):
7. When Ringo pulls the lever to awaken the Frankenstein Monster, why does he say he has to do it?  
Are these your final answers?
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