All-New Bags Of Holding

Call this the beginning of the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide if you want, but I mostly call it the next wave of one of the best most useful gifts I have ever been given. (Shout out to Lon Lopez for that gift.) Long before Fanboy Planet became affiliated with ThinkGeek, I was given a Bag of Holding, which within days became an indispensable item for me. Soft yet sturdy, with room for the way I clutter even in backpacks and messenger bags, the Bag of Holding was even able to hold my previous hugely clunky laptop. (It could not, unfortunately, lessen its weight.)

To see that ThinkGeek has expanded the line and improved upon its already great design makes me think I need a new one, except I’ll be honest — the old one is holding up beautifully. It’s not just a good design; it’s a quality product. And it’s been hard to say that about an item since the days before Hasbro bought Tonka.

Yet I might still give in to the Rolltop Backpack of Holding, because you never know. It looks so danged convenient. But you should use the handy dandy affiliate link below in this article, or to the right on our advertising banner and see for yourself. On this one, I’m not just an affiliate; I’m also a client.

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