An Interview with Elizabeth Filarski (Now Hasselbeck)

We understood seeing Gene Simmons. He’s long been a comics fan, and a comics character. Elijah Wood? Well, he’s Frodo, so he has some connection. But Elisabeth Filarski? It just didn’t make sense that she would be at a comics convention. But thanks to the good people at Upper Deck, a collectible card publisher, America’s most beloved outback cutie did indeed appear in San Diego. Upper Deck asked her to show up and sign her rare card from the Survivor Collectible Card Game. We asked her to please smile at us. And yes, she is exactly as cute and nice in person as she appears on TV. Dammit.

Derek McCaw: What did you do to prepare for this convention appearance? Is this your first one?

Elisabeth Filarski: This is my first one. It’s pretty awesome.

DM: Did you feel ready for this?

EF: Yeah. Well, I’m never ready for the masses. It’s just kind of unreal to me. But I figure that it will be a good time. The kids make it so much fun, too. It’s fun to see a lot of the games. I got to play some of the Survivor game here too, myself. Oh, yeah.

DM: So you’ve actually used the product that you’re endorsing. Excellent. So you’re enjoying the fandom that you’re seeing all around you?

EF: Yeah. It’s fun. I mean, I’m very fortunate right now, so I couldn’t be in a better place, to be honest. I’m having a really good time.

DM: Are you still going to design shoes, or are you going full-time celebrity?

EF: I’d like to be designing shoes either this year or next year. I have actually been working on my own design line for the past, probably, six years. Planners, shoes, and bags. Eventually it will be out there. People might hate it, but it’s going to be out there.

DM: Since we’re at the Comic-Con, I have to ask, since Rudy got an action figure of himself…

EF: (laughs) I know!


DM: Do you want to see one of yourself?

EF: I think that would be pretty fun to have an action figure. If she was tough. And of course if she had a good wardrobe change of headwear.

DM: So more of a fashion doll is what you want.

EF: Yeah. Fashion, action, there could be a merge there. Don’t you think?

DM: Yes. Have you eaten rice since you returned from Australia?

EF: Not a grain.

DM: What rumor would you like to see started about yourself?

EF: Rumor? I don’t think I’d like that. But if I could have a good one, I guess that I already had a hot smashing fashion line out and people are just buying it like hotcakes. Better buy some more now! That would be a good rumor. No, I really wouldn’t want any rumors.


DM: Are you going to try to break into film?

EF: I don’t really have any definite plans to break into film. It was never a goal of mine. I’m pretty open-minded. I’m just kind of take things as they come. And right now, there aren’t any directors knocking at my door, so I’m perfectly fine doing what I’m doing.

Of course, Elizabeth did end up as a co-host on The View, and is now a commentator on Fox News.

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