Cinequest 2019: Electric Love

Finding love in a city like Los Angeles can be disastrous. In a society where dating apps such as tinder and Grindr have taken over as the dating social norm, which should in theory make dating as easy as being at your fingertips, it often makes dating even less personal and more awkward. Electric Love spins comedy out of dating in LA, although it could be any city, really, in this romcom made for the digital age.

Adam and Emma are both searching for the right one, at least someone normal, as several of their recent tinder dates have been downright awful. Despite a string of such results the two plug away on their dating apps and match with each other and meet on a random night. Sparks fly right away. Are they suppose to call each other the next day? Or is that too aggressive and its weird because Alex doesn’t like to text? As Emma’s feelings increase it is clear she has a problem with Alex’s female friend for whom he is throwing a birthday party.

The film stars Mia Serafino and Zachary Mooren as Emma and Alex, and it’s Serafino who shines bright. Emma is a photographer in her adopted city and loves taking pictures of what she feels is the most beautiful city in the world, but she often feels disconnected. Struggling to make rent she takes on the job of super while her roommate hosts a podcast about being polyamorous, which leads to hilarious results. Even when Emma feels she has found someone, her jealousy takes the best of her.

Cinequest fans on Electric Love’s Friday night screening got a special treat as comedian Erik Griffin gave a special comedy set before the film opened. Griffin also has a memorable scene-stealilng cameo role in the film.

Overall the film is a worthwhile watch for those in Generation X who are struggling themselves in the daunting world of dating and connection.  Electric Love is now available to rent online on Amazon.

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