Comic-Con 2018: The Gaslamp Gets In The Spirit(s)

In less than 24 hours, downtown San Diego will be the land of our people. Preview night of Comic-Con 2018 begins at 6 p.m., though there will be installations open and ready all around the Gaslamp District for “popular arts” fans and other locals to enjoy. Despite a controversy earlier in the week around one bar seeming not so friendly, it’s clear that local restaurants are embracing Comic-Con like never before, and they’ve helpfully provided Fanboy Planet with a guide to their themed cocktails and cuisine to show their spirit.

Whether it’s a Captain America waffle or a Mortal Kombat libation, there’s something for everyone. And how did it take so long for an Italian restaurant to offer a Super Mario Brothers menu? I offer up extra points for sincerity to Prohibition’s beverage director Ryan Andrews for getting his Star Wars quotes right.

Most of these places may require a hop on the shuttle or a ride share from the Convention Center, but the menus make it look worth it. You may be able to get Schwifty without the help of Bankers Hill, but doesn’t it sound better their way?

Bleu Bohéme

Bleu Bohème will celebrate with a cocktail inspired by the superheroine, Spider-Woman: Femme d’Araignée is made with rye whiskey, Ramos Pinto fine ruby port, lemon juice and simple syrup, topped with soda water, priced at $14.

Primavera Ristorante

Mamma mia, it’s-a Mario time at Primavera Ristorante. The Coronado favorite will offer two specialty dishes and a cocktail inspired by the beloved Super Mario series: Super Mario Brothers Meatballs, house-made pork and beef meatballs topped with creamy ricotta and served with house-made marinara and basil crisps, available for $12; Mario Marsala, lightly breaded chicken breast sautéed in Sicilian Marsala wine with cremini mushrooms, priced at $28; and Princess Peach Bellini, made with prosecco and fresh peach slices, available for $12.

Monkey King

Let Monkey King lead you to a flawless victory during Comic-Con International. Monkey King will offer 12 specialty cocktails inspired by Mortal Kombat:

  • Sonya Blade’s Special Force, made with Old Forrester bourbon, ginger, lime, mint, tamarind and R&D aromatic bitters #7;
  • Liu Kang’s Shaolin Fury, a combination of Ketel One vodka, Thai basil, lemongrass and lime;
  • Kung Lao’s Hat Trick, made with sake, Ketel One botanical peach vodka, lemon, green tea and honey;
  • Skarlet Blood Bath, a combination of salted plum-infused rum, lemon and demerara;
  • Baraiden’s Electric Fly, made with Henebery whiskey, lime, almond orgeat and R&D sarsaparilla bitters;
  • Jax Punch, a combination of Ron Zacapa rum, toasted cashew orgeat, lime, orange liqueur and R&D house bitters;
  • Rain’s Purple Storm, made with hibiscus-infused Don Q rum, Campari, pineapple, lime and demerara;
  • Sub-Zero’s Snowball Grenade, a combination of Kaffir lime leaf-infused Tanqueray 10 gin, lime, coconut liqueur and spiced milk syrup;
  • Tremor’s Earth Shaker, made with Azuñia Blanco tequila, lime, Benedictine, pineapple, cherry and R&D house bitters;
  • Tanya’s Edenian Betrayal a combination of gin, lychee, jasmine tea and citrus oil;
  • D’vorah’s Hive Nectar, made with Monkey Shoulder whisky, mint, white tea, honey and R&D smoke bitters;
  • Takeda’s Lasher, a combination of Russel’s Reserve GBOD single barrel bourbon, Aperol and pomelo-infused Carpano Bianco vermouth;
  • Shang Tsung’s Your Soul is Mine!, made with Iwai Japanese whisky and Jägermeister Manifest.


Comic-Con International is here, drink cocktails at Prohibition you must. The force will deliver five Star Wars-inspired cocktails created by beverage director Ryan Andrews. The cocktails, priced at $14, include:

  • Never Tell Me the Odds, made with Redemption Rye, demerara, Averna and R&D house bitters;
  • I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing, a combination of El Silencio Mezcal, watermelon cordial and R&D smoke bitters;
  • Let the Wookie Win, made with bourbon, lime, ginger and Fernet;
  • Fly Casual, made with Jameson Black Barrel, Lillet, lemon and maraschino;
  • NO, I Am Your Father!, a combination of Henebery Rye, Ancho Reyes liqueur, lemon and peach.

El Chingon

To honor the superheroes from Avengers: Infinity War, El Chignon is serving up six tequila cocktails, including:

  • Savory Star-Lord, made with El Jimador Blanco tequila, fresh lime, salt and choice of Jarritos soft drink;
  • Gamora Delight, a combination of El Silencio mezcal, fresh lime, house-made almond orgeat and R&D sarsaparilla bitters;
  • Vision’s Watermelon Treat, made with Azuñia blanco tequila, house-made watermelon cordial, lime and tajín;
  • The Infinity War, a combination of Olmeca Altos Blanco tequila, lemon, ginger, honey, St. Germaine and Ancho Reyes Verde;
  • Captain America’s Revolution, made with Espolon Blanco tequila, fresh pineapple, fresh lime, cream of coconut and dry Curaçao;
  • Iron Man Blast, a combination of Milagro reposado tequila, Mexican Coca-Cola reduction, R&D cherry apple bitters and sarsaparilla bitters.

Havana 1920

What’s more powerful than the Power Stone? Hand-crafted rum cocktails at Havana 1920!

  • Dr. Strange Daiquiri, made with Havana Club Añejo Blanco rum, fresh lime juice, and fresh sugarcane syrup;
  • Mind Stone Mojito, a combination of Havana Club Añejo Blanco rum, fresh lime juice, yerba buena, fresh-pressed sugarcane juice, and sugarcane syrup, topped with club soda;
  • Loki’s Tesseract, made with Don Q Blanco rum and fresh lime, served with a Mexican Coca-Cola;
  • Drax The Destroyer, made with Pusser’s Navy Rum, fresh squeezed orange juice, house-made coconut cream and fresh pineapple juice;
  • Ant-Man Apricot Special, a combination of Diplomatico 6-year rum, fresh pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, apricot liqueur and R&D aromatic #7 bitters;
  • The Star-Lord, made with Brugal Añejo rum, Curaçao, Mancino Secco vermouth and house-made grenadine.

Mezé Greek Fusion

The best way to celebrate 10 years of Marvel movies is to celebrate with 10 Marvel-ous cocktails. Mezé Greek Fusion, will offer the following specialty cocktails, priced at $13:

  • Power Stone Poison, made with strawberry-infused vodka, fresh lime, ginger and R&D house bitters;
  • Star Dust Dream, a combination of Ketel One vodka, fresh raspberry, St. Germaine, fresh lemon, honey and prosecco;
  • The Black Widow, made with açai-infused vodka, raspberry, fresh lemon and Demerara;
  • Thor’s Hammer, a combination of fig-infused Redemption bourbon, fresh lemon and honey;
  • Hulk Smash, made with Henebery rye, blackberry, fresh lemon and Demerara;
  • Nebula’s Special Treat, a combination of Metaxa brandy, Greek red wine, peaches, orange zest, cinnamon and sparkling ginger;
  • Thanos Juice, made with green apple-infused vodka, fresh lime and R&D cherry apple bitters;
  • Asgardian Ricky, a combination of Tito’s vodka, Masticha liqueur, fresh lime, cucumber and mint;
  • Mantis Mojito, made with Havana Club blanco rum, fresh lime and fresh mint;
  • Spider-Man Mule, a combination of fresh lime, rosemary, ginger beer and bitters, with a choice of Nolet’s gin or Ketel One vodka.

 BANKERS HILL BAR + Restaurant

BANKERS HILL BAR + Restaurant will offer a futuristic cocktail inspired by the animated sci-fi series Rick and Morty. Get Schwifty is a combination of rye whiskey, green chartreuse, lemon, mint, cane syrup, ginger syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters and Angostura bitters.

Cafe 222

Captain America’s shield will offer protection from hunger cravings during Comic-Con International in the form of a waffle. These golden brown malted waffles will be shaped as the hero’s famous shield topped with fresh raspberries, blueberries and a star of whipped cream.

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