Crossing Over With Mystere

As the movie industry has started invading Comic-Con, some comic creators have decided to turn the tables. Two such creators are Bryan J. Kinnaird and Roy Young, the men behind an intriguing looking series, The Villikon Chronicles, using a well-known face to try to vault their book into film. Distributed through outlets such as Tower Books rather than the standard comic book shop route, The Villikon Chronicles covers a hero’s journey through a futuristic prison planet and…oh, heck, let’s be honest. The whole reason we noticed their booth was that they’d hired an adult film star, Cheyenne Silver, to model one of their characters, Mystere.

But as a promotional tool, it worked. Not only were we intrigued by the premise of The Villikon Chronicles and its upcoming prequel, The Crucibles of Mystere, we found respect for a writer and artist who have knocked around the industry for a while and decided to just do it themselves.

We’ll be reviewing the books soon, as well as featuring an interview with Bryan and Roy. But look, we have to give you guys what you want first, and then you’ll come back for more. And what is it you want? Cheyenne Silver.

So, during a lull in an autograph session, we found a few minutes to talk with Cheyenne while she grabbed some dinner. The lovely Ms. Silver was gracious, keen, and genuinely excited about the mainstream opportunities Mystere could offer her, though she’s also got a few irons in the fire that may make her better known for movies at your multiplex than in your home.

Here she is, Cheyenne Silver:

cheyennesilvertattooDEREK MCCAW: For The Villikon Chronicles, they’re handing out a promotional tattoo. Where you are wearing it, is that the official position of the tattoo? Because I was just going to put it on my hand or something…

CHEYENNE SILVER : That is the “Imperium” symbol, which is like a religious symbol. The reason I have it there is that I am an Imperium slave. So that’s why it’s there.

DM: How did you get involved in this project?

CHEYENNE SILVER: They contacted me through the website, The creator, when he saw my pictures and he saw my videos and stuff…well, actually, I don’t know if he saw any videos…anyway, when he saw me, he saw his main character, Mystere. From The Crucibles of Mystere, he saw a little of her in me, or me in her, whichever.

He got a hold of me, and we just started talking about it. I read the scripts and became very interested. From there we’ve progressed to posters and whatever else.

DM: What attracted you to the project?

CHEYENNE SILVER: After I read the scripts, basically. At first, I’ve never been involved with sci fi anything. I haven’t been to the conventions or anything.

DM: So this is your first convention?

CHEYENNE SILVER: I’ve been to Adult Conventions. But not comic or sci fi conventions.

DM: So tell me how that differs.

CHEYENNE SILVER: Well, the Adult is sexually oriented. I mean, it’s all sexually…

DM: Maybe a better question is how have you found the fans differing?

CHEYENNE SILVER: I don’t know. The fans there, they all recognize me from the movies. If they’re coming up to see me here, they’re getting involved with comic books. But I’ve noticed a lot of people do come up because they do know me from the other stuff.

I don’t think the fans have differed so much, unless they, you know…the only difference might be that some might be offended by what I’ve done and avoid it. That’s all. That’s the only difference I can think of.

DM: When you were a kid were you a fan of sci fi or read comics?

CHEYENNE SILVER: Not really. I never really liked sci fi. I did watch Star Trek. I liked Star Trek. My favorite t.v. show was Quantum Leap. Those were two sci fi things, but other than that, not really.

This interested me because when I read the script, I really got into the character that he told me to read for. I really liked the story. I could not put it down. I started script number one and went through script number four without putting them down. “I’ve gotta know what’s going to happen to her!”

So from there it was “okay, I’ll be your character.”

MystereDM: What does that entail? Obviously, you’re in the costume and the make-up. More than one costume, actually. What else do you have to do as Mystere?

CHEYENNE SILVER: Well, so far it’s just appear as her and represent her. If it goes into getting production going for a trailer or a movie to go with all the scripts, then I get to play that character.

DM: So you would like to go into mainstream film?

CHEYENNE SILVER: Yeah. I’ve actually done one. I just completed a movie with James Woods, Rosario Dawson, Kip Pardue, and a few other faces that people would recognize. I’ve got a nice little part in that.

It’s called This Girl’s Life. I just went to the premiere at the Las Vegas Film Festival. It was an independent film, so it hasn’t gotten distribution yet, but they’re working on it. I think it will, because it’s really good.

I was really happy with that. I got a good role out of that, and I ended up being able to get an agent, a manager, and a SAG membership.

DM: So you don’t have that sort of thing in the adult industry?

CHEYENNE SILVER: It really pushed me, and this project is really helping. I’m definitely going for that.

DM: Do you feel a need for acting classes, or are you just going for it?

CHEYENNE SILVER: I am planning a trip up to LA this week for that very reason. I feel it is always necessary to build your talents and abilities as much as possible and I know with practice, I can always do better.

I am going to meet with actor Tim Colceri from Babylon 5, who is going to coach me on my upcoming projects. I am also going to participate in his weekly acting class, just for group participation and experience.

DM: Is there anyone you’re taking as a role model, someone whose career you admire?

CHEYENNE SILVER: Nicole Kidman has inspired me with the range of different roles she has played from The Hours to Moulin Rouge. The adventurous roles of Catherine Zeta-Jones catch my attention. I also am in awe of the abilities and roles played by Angelina Jolie. For male actors, Johnny Depp has long been a favorite, as well as Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins.

DM: So are you putting adult films behind you? So many adult film actresses leave that industry and try to distance themselves from it or outright attack it. How do you feel about it?

CHEYENNE SILVER: Even though I have not filmed recently, I am still very involved with the adult industry. It is a part of my life that I thoroughly enjoyed and will never regret.

Vivid is still releasing new releases of mine, and I continue to go on promotions for them, Penthouse, as well as for myself, but my main focus for now is the promotion of The Villikon Chronicles, which is a project I strongly believe will go all the way into the making of a movie franchise.

Since I have been so deep into mainstream work lately, I have not filmed any more adult titles, but regardless of where I go in life, I will always look at my time in the adult world as a time in which I was 100% free, uninhibited, and where I learned to just let go and live life to the fullest.

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