Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 452: Giant-Sized Treehouse of Fanboys!

Spawn Scriptwriter
Spawn Scriptwriter

Wouldn’t you love to see him working on it on a laptop at Starbucks…

Top Story: DC Rebirth revitalized DC?

Comics News

– Graphic novelist wins Macarthur Genius Grant — we always knew he was…
– David Walker wants to remind us that Luke Cage is in a book called Power Man and Iron Fist
– Review of Night’s Dominion from Oni Press
– Review of Doom Patrol #1
– Silicon Valley Comic Con 2017 news
– What’s in the Bag?  Black Hammer #3, Raven #1 Batman #7, IDW’s Revolution #1, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow #6, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror #22

Movie News

– A darker Spawn movie… have we heard this before?
– Mr. Sinister is the villain of Wolverine III – but who’s playing him?
– Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes earns the first nomination for “Understatement of the Year 2016.” There’s still time left for someone to top it!
– Bob Iger lowers expectations to stockholders for Rogue One.
– Looking ahead to the remaining fannish movies in 2016

TV News

Into the Badlands news.
– Stephen King’s Dark Tower gets a TV spin-off
– Netflix through XFinity
– Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Rick and Morty
– The Good Place
 – Ash vs Evil Dead — News we can finally talk about!
Will Derek watch The Walking Dead?

And so much more!

Featuring: Derek McCaw and Ric Bretschneider

Recorded 9/22/2016
Published 9/27/2016

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