Frank Miller’s Dark Knight III: The Master Race Art Calculated To Drive You MAD

DC released the cover to the mini-comic that will ship with the first issue of The Dark Knight III: The Master Race, and fandom seems to hate it. Frank Miller has written and drawn the mini-comic, focusing on The Atom and presumably Superman, to explore side stories in his somewhat dystopian Bat-future.

Vocal critics complain about Superman’s appearance here, but let me state for the record what I said reviewing The Dark Knight Strikes Again Lo, those many years ago. Frank Miller is doing satire. Specifically, in the jugular vein a whole generation learned it: from classic Mad, when it was a comic book. Miller has been and continues to be paying homage to Wally Wood’s Superduperman.

So repeat after me – Shazoom. Praise the lord and pass the potzrebie, and accept that even though fans have always taken this universe deadly seriously, Miller hasn’t. And I actually feel better thinking that.

The full series is written by Miller and Brian Azzarello, with art by a variety of superstars.

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