Justice League: Injustice For All Part 1

Cartoon Network begins a new season of Justice League that is really just the second half of last season, starting with an episode that should have been shown prior to episodes we’ve already seen. Did you follow that? Me neither.

Regardless, old familiar faces are back for the new episode. Fans of the old Superman series will recognize Luthor Towers, where the Justice League has finally gathered enough evidence to put Luthor in prison. While trying to escape his would-be captors, Luthor (once again voiced by Clancy Brown) suffers an attack and ends up in the hospital. There he learns not only is he going to jail, the hunk of Kryptonite that he’s been carrying around with him the last few years have given him a terminal incurable disease. Luthor naturally blames Superman in a way that only arch-enemies can justify.

Fortunately for Lex, his next-door neighbor in jail is the Ultra-Humanite. It isn’t too long before they team up for a jailbreak and begin enlisting other bad guys for their revenge scheme. Since Cartoon Network has shown these episodes out of order we’ve already met Copperhead, Cheetah, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy and The Shade, but they are finally given the proper introduction they deserve.

Before too long Luthor, now dressed in purple and green attire, and company make their first attack on the Justice League. Bruce Timm and his writers give us glimpses of the fights we’d like to see on a superhero version of the WWE. Superman and Grundy have a battle of power. Star Sapphire and Hawkgirl have a chick fight and Batman fights the animal-themed villains (Cheetah and Copperhead.)

Ultra-Humanite declares that the Justice League is “too well organized,” despite their not showing an ounce of organization and teamwork, so the villains retreat. Suffering from defeat, all looks lost for our super-villain team until a surprise appearance by The Joker (once again voiced by my personal pal, Mark Hamill, doing double duty as Grundy, too).

From there, the story begins to focus on Batman. Justice League-only fans get their first glimpses of the loner type attitude that makes Batman such an enjoyable a-hole in his solo books. He even makes Martian Manhunter back off with a subtle threat.

Part One of “Injustice For All” meets all three of my criteria for a good episode. All JL members made appearances, one of them had a character moment and the story was enjoyable to watch. A good start to the second half of our new first season. Ow. That hurt my head.

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