Krypton Episode 2: House Of El

Syfy’s Krypton returns for its second episode, “House of El”, and after the neck-breaking pace and packed action of the first episode, the second episode gave us a better glimpse of what the show can be. The story of TSuperman’s Grandfather Seg-El, continues after the death of his parents, his betrothal to Nyasia-Vex, his affair with Lisa-Zod, and his interactions with time-traveling Adam Strange.

The episode starts with Seg-El and Strange, still in the Fortress of Solitude where Strange tries to convince Seg-El how he teleported via the Zeta-Beam. However, Seg-El is bent on revenge on Daron-Vex, father of Nyasia-Vex and the Chief Magistrate, who explains to Seg-El that the Vex and Els have a long history together. Seg-El also meets the High Priest, who says the investiture ceremony officially welcoming Seg-El into the Vex family will occur shortly. Seg-El tries to convince Daron-Vex that his parents should be given traditional funeral services; his request is denied as his parents were deemed enemies of the state.

Meanwhile, Leta Zod decides to challenge Commander Quex-Ul to a combat duel to take over his division command. The confrontation starts with Quez-Ul ordering his command to smoke out the “Black Zero” terrorist group. Leta does not believe Seg’s parents were part of “Black Zero” and that the rankless class is not the enemy. Despite her intended’s doubt and her mom Primus Jayna-Zod’s advice, Leta does in fact win the challenge and earns newfound respect and power from those around her.

The show sews its easter eggs for fans, with Seg-El activating a hologram of his grandfather, Val-El, and gaining information about the Phantom Zone. In the process Val-El impresses upon Seg-El a sense of his legacy and lays the groundwork for another series turn. Of course with the introduction of the Phantom Zone, hardcore fans can see the connection with Superman and the Zod family.

Seg-El returns to Daron-Vex and informs him that he won’t be joining the Vex family; however, Daron-Vex convinces him to join the science guild and still bind with his daughter. Meanwhile in the Outland Region, Strange and Kem (Seg-El’s friend from the Rankless) finds something that Stange immediately recognizes as one of Brainiac’s scout probes. Strange tells Seg-El that he was wrong about Brainiac and his coming to Krypton; in fact, Brainiac is already on Krypton!!


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