Marvel Offers First Look At ‘Black Knight’ #1

Hmmm…. trapped on Weirdworld, armed with an ebony blade that slowly steals his soul… it’s almost as if Marvel is turning Dane Whitman into Elric. If he raises his sword and cries “Blood and souls for my Lord Quesada!” we’ll know for sure. Without that comparison, is The Black Knight a character who really gets people excited? (Notice that the title drops the article ‘the’, fellow grammar nerds — THIS MEANS SOMETHING!)

The creative team looks solid enough, but like a lot of these relaunches, the book seems more like a mildly interesting mini-series to me than something to get involved with for the long haul. There may be one good story here — I don’t know.

From Marvel:

Their legend echoes through history. Ancient warriors and wielders of the legendary Ebony Blade. Champions of their own destiny. But what do you do when it’s your destiny…to be damned?

Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at BLACK KNIGHT #1 – the new ongoing series from writer Frank Tieri and artist Luca Pizzari! All power comes with a price, as each and every Black Knight through the centuries has met and untimely end, a victim of the Ebony Blade’s curse. Will Dane Whitman’s fate be the same? The long-time Avenger’s addiction to the blade grows stronger and stronger each day. Will he succumb to its power and suffer the same end? A lost man himself, Dane now finds himself in Weirdworld, the place where all lost things go. What circumstances brought him here? And what could he possibly have done that would cause the Uncanny Avengers to mobilize against him?

Find out, and see the Marvel Universe from a whole new angle this November in BLACK KNIGHT #1!

Written by FRANK TIERI
Variant Cover by ERIC POWELL (SEP150755)
Hip-Hop Variant by GYIMAH GARIBA (SEP150756)
Action Figure Variant by JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER (SEP150757)

FOC – 10/19/15, On-Sale – 11/11/15


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