NYCC: A Civilized Convention Gallery

I’ve gone to several conventions, and fly out to San Diego Comic-Con every year. Both major conventions have their pluses and minuses, but here are some things I like about NYCC:

  • Badges are mailed out in advance. They seem more concerned with fake badges than with people selling their purchased badges.
  • They have a separate entrance for professionals, press, and VIPs.
  • Kids are not free. Sunday is $5 for children, but they pay full price the rest of the days, which means that it’s easier to navigate the floor. If you bring a child on Friday or Saturday, it’s because they are REALLY into this stuff.
  • The volunteers seem happier than at SDCC.
  • There’s easy public transportation.
  • RIFD badges are a great thing. Tap upon entry, tap on exit, as opposed to SDCC where security just glances at badges as everyone rushes the door. At NYCC, there is no rushing the door; the process is quick but thorough for badge scanning and bag check.
  • And they serve wine inside the convention center. At 10 a.m.! Some days, you just need it.