Pow! Coffee Shop Kickstarting That Caffeinated Convention Feeling

One thing we’ve learned in the last year is that though our virtual communities are great, they’ll never really take the place of being able to meet in person. That’s especially true with comics fans. You may have attended a virtual convention or three in the past year, but as hard as Comic-Con@Home tried, it still wasn’t Comic-Con. And one San Diego family plans to do more than just return to SDCC — the Arreagas have just launched a Kickstarter to open a coffee shop near the convention center that will hold that special Comic-Con feeling all year ’round. The kick of caffeine (pretty crucial every year I’ve gone) is, of course, optional.

Erik Arreaga has been an independent comics artist for quite a while, and a barista for 17 years, so he knows both comics and coffee. But let’s let them tell it…

From Pow Coffee Shop:

Pow Coffee Shop announced the launch of a new Kickstarter campaign in support of their revolutionary café that marries a love for all things comics and coffee. Pow Coffee Shop plans to open in downtown San Diego and offer great coffee in a fun inviting atmosphere and where “you become your own hero.” The company’s total funding goal is $100,000.

The coffee shop is a labor of love from Erik and Geraldine Arreaga, a local Mexican-American family that has had a long time local presence in San Diego. Erik is a world-famous artist specializing in comics and has been a barista for more than 17 years, while Geraldine is a local first-grade dual language immersion teacher who was also recently voted as South County’ Best Teacher in The Star-News.

“When you come to Pow Coffee Shop, we want you to feel like you’re stepping into your own comic book page. You’re the hero or the villain, and have the power to be who you want,” said founder and owner Erik Arreaga.

With the Kickstarter now in full gear with funds to go straight to the shop, plans include:

  • Hiring well-trained baristas
  • Design and decoration of the shop
  • Top-quality products (coffee beans, syrups and other ingredients)
  • Equipment, furniture and merchandise

The location is planned to be within walking distance of the famous San Diego Comic-Con, giving coffee-enthusiasts, comic lovers, and both locals and tourists the ultimate experience.

“San Diego Comic-Con gives us an exciting pop culture and comic experience one week out of the entire year. Pow Coffee Shop will bring this pop culture and comic experience all year long,” said Geraldine.

 The coffee shop is also a family-oriented business, also involving their daughter, Jasmine. “Growing up around comics and coffee, this is an experience I want everyone to enjoy. What better place than to open up this coffee shop in the heart of San Diego, and home to one of the largest comic conventions in the world,” added Jasmine.

The Kickstarter campaign is live and is an “all or nothing” campaign and will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, May 28 2021 8:04 PM PDT.

For more information, visit the official Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/pow_coffee_shop


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