The Silver Surfer Journeys To The Past

In recent years, Dan Slott and the Allreds have turned the Silver Surfer into a character full of more than inspiration — they made him fun. That’s reflected in the redesigned logo for the character, much jauntier than the one used for decades. Seeing that juxtaposed against a grim, powerful Philip Tan cover just seems wrong. Maybe Marvel should consider that for one-offs like this, out of step with the tone of the regular book, it’s okay to revert to a different logo.

Marvel promises a “dark and tragic past” in this annual, a here-to-fore untold story.  Except, it kind of has been by Jim Starlin, Stan Lee, Ron Lim, John Byrne, and others. I’m not casting doubt on the quality of this one, just know that other storytellers have explored this, too — a rich, deep mine for Norrin Radd and the years he served Galactus with a less-evolved conscience.

From Marvel:

The dark and tragic past of the SILVER SURFER…it’s all been a mystery until now. This September, the Surfer’s story is finally given the spotlight in SILVER SURFER ANNUAL #1, as Old Man Hawkeye writer Ethan Sacks and Thanos Annual artist André Lima Araújo bring you a tale told the Mighty Marvel Manner – with suspense, mystery, and adventure!

“When I was a kid, I used to marvel at how sleek and cool the Silver Surfer looked leaning forward on his board as he traversed the universe,” said Sacks. “So in a sense, the chance to write him is a childhood dream come true. But seeing the fantastic way André draws him, I have to confess, I don’t think he’s ever looked sleeker or cooler.”

Searching for a world that is worthy enough to satisfy Galactus, the Surfer comes across the perfect planet – but can he really doom an entire civilization in order to save his own? Join the cosmic journey this September, when SILVER SURFER ANNUAL #1 hits comic shops!

Written by ETHAN SACKS
On Sale 9/5/18

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