Spider-Pen, Spider-Pen, Writes Whatever A Writer Ken…

Before Spider-Man can have his homecoming, he needs to get through the first month or so of school, right? He has to write a few in-class essays and, perhaps, lovesick notes to Liz Allen that he’ll never send. To commemorate this hardship, Cross has created two pens that Spider-Man collectors are going to love.

Since Cross already has the name in writing materials, it’s obviously quality. Depending on your preference, you can write in gel or ballpoint. The Selectip Rolling Ball Pen makes the claim that you can convert to ballpoint, so there’s that, but admittedly, it’s also more expensive for that flexibility.

At a suggested retail price of $60, this is one of those pens you have to be selective about where you’re using it. It’s not a pen for lending a guy at the bank, because unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a spider-tracer. It does come at a little less of a price at Amazon, however. The ballpoint version (non-convertible) is available for even less.

It does have heft and shiny chrome. It’s also Spider-Man themed, of course, using the standard spider-signal logo on one side, and Tom Holland’s chest emblem on the other, along with some webbing (not actual webbing). The decor has slight variation for the ballpoint only version.

But how does it write? I’m happy to say smoothly, with a gel ink that dries quickly. For left-handed Marvel maniacs such as myself, that’s a definite plus. And while a small note, the extension of the pen tip is also smooth — not something I’d normally notice, but for a pen that looks this nice, I started paying attention to the details.

If you’re a Spider-Man fan, this will be a welcome addition to your collection, somewhat practical while being spectacularly shiny.


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