Swing Through The Jungle With Tarzan VR

Back at Comic-Con 2019, we sat in on the Edgar Rice Burroughs panel, and saw the announcement for a new Tarzan VR experience. Intrigued by the interface that involved classic Tarzan comics covers, we found it interesting but admittedly not as absorbing as the promised Doctor Who experience coming. At the very least, it beats the heck out of playing the old Jungle King game. With the right amount of space around you and maybe someone on hand to make sure you don’t swing into, say, the television set in your enthusiasm, this game will fulfill your dreams of leaping from tree to tree and maybe riding Tantor.

The question now, and it’s always a question for me with Tarzan in the 21st Century, is will it pull in kids? I vividly remember pretending to be Tarzan, doing the yell, and all that from playground equipment, but I suspect kids today get that thrill from playing Spider-Man. Maybe this will be the killer app (not ape) that introduced Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, to a new generation.

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