The Next Door Horror: Creature Feature Battle Royale

While watching Hellraiser, Demonic Dan (Dan Burt) collides with his past. Truths are told, oaths are uttered, and Gabe (Gabe Sanchez) remains puzzled by it all. Watch as Mister Macabre (Derek McCaw) crashes the set, armed with his fez and cloak, for the confrontation that had to happen.

For the sequel episode featuring Mr. Macabre’s son, click here.

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In addition to running Fanboy Planet, Derek has written for ActionAce, Daily Radar, Once Upon A Dime, and The Wave. He has contributed stories to Arcana Comics (The Greatest American Hero) and Monsterverse Comics (Bela Lugosi's Tales from the Grave). He has performed with ComedySportz and Silicon Valley Shakespeare, though relocated to Hollywood to... work in an office? If you ever played Eric's Ultimate Solitaire on the Macintosh, it was Derek's voice as The Weasel that urged you to play longer. You can buy his book "I Was Flesh Gordon" on the Amazon link at the right. Email him at