Batman ’66 Still Rocking Around Your Christmas Tree

Meanwhile, it’s Christmas at Stately Wayne Manor…

Coming to your local Hallmark Gold Crown stores, the Batmania that they’ve expertly stoked for several years continues. Once Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl had been immortalized as a Christmas ornament, I thought they were done. I am so pleased to discover they aren’t, and that I soon will have to just give in and either have a separate tree devoted to Batman or a shelf that displays the ornaments year round.

Though Julie Newmar originated the role of Catwoman on the series, Eartha Kitt stepped in later and for many, she’s the iconic version. (I admit, Newmar is for me, and like with John Astin as the Riddler, I was very perplexed as a kid by the change.) As has been consistent with this series of ornaments, this is a stunning recreation to hang on the tree.

But the crowning achievement is this Batcave. I have no idea of the price point; I have no idea how big it actually is, or if it plays the theme song. It just looks cool. Though how Bruce Wayne could be in his study while Batman is already in costume below eludes me… unless it’s Alfred.

The Ornament Premiere usually happens mid-July, and the Batman ’66 ornaments have been staggered. The Batcave will likely be available in July with Eartha Kitt as Catwoman getting an October 2021 release. Either way, plenty of time to make room on the tree. Unless that dastardly villain The Christmas Canceler comes back to town…

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