Cinequest 2019: “Made Public”

In a world dominated by social media, we may be reaching the point where some people can’t make a decision without crowd sourcing. That’s not a science fiction premise; we’re already there in the sharp comedy short “Made Public.”

Standing nervously at the altar, groom-to-be Dave (Josh Zuckerman) turns to his groomsmen. There’s no sign of the bride, and Dave’s best man Brad (Patrick Quinlan) is intently studying his phone. As it turns out, he’s on Facebook, following the results of a poll Dave put there: should he get married or not?

Aside from dude, what timing? the other problem with the poll is that of course bride Sydney (Jeanine Mason) saw it, as did all the bridesmaids, and pretty much all the guests at the wedding. As Dave and Sydney hash out a major relationship problem with minutes to go before tying the knot, “Made Public” tackles a pretty serious issue about communication. Yet it stays light and clever.

Inspired by a wedding in which every decision was made via social media, writer Brian Leahy and director Foster Wilson don’t waste a moment, uncovering the perils of social media, including that awkward moment when you realize you have several online friends that you have no idea who they are.

Anchored by Mason, the cast gives it all a light touch. Though the narrative stays contained in a church building, Wilson finds interesting places to set scenes, making the short feel expansive. From her work here, it’s clear she’s ready for more as a director.

“Made Public” plays as part of the Shorts Program 7 – Humor at Cinequest. The last screening will be Sunday, March 17 at 8 pm at the Hammer Theatre in San Jose. For more information and tickets, click here.

Made Public Trailer from Foster Wilson on Vimeo.

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