Comic-Con 2016: Inside The Hall

Due to a press event off-site, I didn’t have the chance to hang around as thoroughly as I should have on the floor for Preview Night. But I still had time to see a few cool things and support those that have supported Fanboy Planet through the years…

This year, I was the fourth person to buy the new issue. Creators Mike Wellman and Rafael Navarro have a really fun book in my hands…



Nice to see the old favorites…
Yondu has come up in the world at the Marvel booth…

And check out the statue at the Marvel booth — this was one goal I had to see. I just couldn’t wait in line to get the free comic, but plenty of people did.

There’s the statue. Yes, it’s as glorious in person as it seems.
The DC Entertainment booth reminds us they have a potentially great animated series coming up… I loved Justice League Unlimited, but they never gave us SWAMP THING!
Arcana has done some interesting books over the years, but the real push now is into animated films. Sean O’Reilly’s Pixies came out last year, and they’ve just wrapped on the upcoming Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, based on the company’s graphic novel from a few years back.
I’m not sure how open that invitation really is, but BOOM! Studios is another one doing great work.
One of my favorite publishers, Automatic Publishing, has moved to the shadow of the DC booth — now they’re at #2007, and have all the Spectrum and Con Man items you could ask for. Except for the Cash Wayne doll — it’s display only, unfortunately. Also, no G.I. Ginger…
And the broken baby doll… sure, it seems creepy, but if you’ve seen the series Con Man, you’ll understand.
Within an hour, Diamond’s booth looks picked over for exclusives… one lone Harley Quinn statue left. But more will be coming today!

And just in case you hadn’t heard about the game in the picture below

I’m really hoping to make time for this… a demo of the upcoming Playstation 4 Batman: Arkham VR game at the DC Entertainment booth.
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