DC Fandome 2021: The Flash Runs Into... Fun?

image courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Fandome

Because Barry Allen got caught up in a wave of “all DC heroes must have a tragic backstory,” his mother Nora Allen was murdered, and his father was framed for it. Because Barry Allen is also a primarily optimistic hero, it’s hard to remember that. Maybe that’s one reason that The Flash went through so many trials before finally settling on a script and director — Andy Muschietti (It), who I’m happy to see finished principal photography on The Flash over the weekend. Good timing, as Warner Bros. Pictures released this teaser at DC Fandome Saturday.

It’s not getting the buzz that Matt Reeves’ The Batman trailer is getting, which is a shame. Because The Flash has TWO Batmen — Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck — and it looks to be one thing Reeves’ film doesn’t: fun. Yes, there’s a set-up of the tragedy, but this long-rumored-to-be adaptation of the comics crossover event Flashpoint is going where Marvel’s going. Into the multiverse, and time traveling, with two Flashes (Ezra Miller, Ezra Miller, and let’s guess that a third might show up played by TV’s Flash, Grant Gustin) and a Supergirl (Sasha Calle).

This also looks like it’s solving another problem for Warner Bros. By jumping around timelines and multiverses, The Flash can put a button on the so-called Snyderverse that ended with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, keep the same actors (as they obviously have with Jason Momoa and Miller), and shift things around without being beholden to continuity. The weird armored costume from the Snyderverse seems to have softened, but Miller still has the wide-eyed wonder that made him a bright spot in Justice League. According to IMDB, Temuera Morrison makes an appearance as Tom Curry, Aquaman’s land-dwelling father, so there may be even more crossovers happening here.

Which means, we are here for it.

courtesy Andy Muschietti’s Instagram
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