DC Rebirth: Sneak Peek at the New DCU

Wondercongoers in Los Angeles who attended this morning’s huge panel on the upcoming DC REBIRTH event were inundated with hints, teases, and some details about what’s coming our way on May 25th (starting with DC Universe Rebirth).  But the coolest thing everyone in the audience got was a signed Jim Lee lithograph showing some of the character changes expected in the event. It does seem that Mr. Lee has learned to introduce a bit more diversity in style for costumes (remember the uniformly ablative armor and high neckline look introduced after Flashpoint?) and they do look interesting.  Will this and the move to more twice-monthly books and lower prices get you to buy more DC books?  We’ll have to wait until May to see!

Teasing the DC Rebirth by Jim Lee

In DC Universe Rebirth Special, to quote Johns, “You will learn what that hand is, you will learn what’s been affecting the DC Universe, characters return, the fate of another character is sealed, the biggest secret in the DC Universe is revealed, there’s so much in this 80 page giant – I love that it’s 80 pages too – I implore you guys to stay off the internet for the three months before it comes out…”

DC_Rebirth__Sneak_Peek_at_the_New_DCU_–_Fanboy_Planet 2
Gary Frank’s Cover, 80 pages, $2.99… can you possibly turn this down?

Want to watch the whole panel?  Well, we’ve got you covered there too!


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