Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 440: Fantastic Segues

June 4, 2016 Ric Bretschneider 0

A quick news wrap up with the Marvel and DC big events for this month, potential casting of Captain Marvel, and then a BayCon 2016 special report with Tom Galloway on the state of comics; What’s hot, what’s up and coming, what are people not reading that they should be!

DC Rebirth with Gerard Way

April 8, 2016 Derek McCaw 0

Yesterday at Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, DC dropped another shoe in their “Rebirth” plans. Musician and iconoclast Gerard Way, who interned at DC Comics before […]

DC Rebirth: Titans

April 6, 2016 Derek McCaw 0

This is a tact DC has done before, but it makes sense. The title formerly known as Titans Hunt, in which the characters who had originally […]

DC Rebirth: Superman

April 4, 2016 Derek McCaw 0

It looks like an era ends with Superman #51 and #52, as Peter J. Tomasi writes the eight-part “Super League” story spanning April and May, leading into Superman: […]

DC Rebirth: Nightwing

April 3, 2016 Derek McCaw 0

One of the best results of the weekly Batman and Robin Eternal has been that Dick Grayson was obviously going to become Nightwing again. Though infamously […]