Do You Need A Superhero Walking Stick?

And if you have a Batman-style handle, do you call it a Bob Cane?

These are the things that I wonder. That aside, every time I wonder if we’ve run out of items to personalize with superhero branding, something comes along to surprise me. STIX Walking Sticks are that sort of product, and don’t get me wrong — my first reaction was “hmmm… do I need a walking stick?”

It’s a good idea to make the pieces interchangeable, because some days you feel like Batman, and I know at least two people who have their days they feel like the Joker. The price point from Factory Entertainment admittedly feels a little high, but I can’t say that I’ve done much shopping for high-end walking sticks, either.

From Factory Entertainment:

Pop-culture lovers wear their fandom with pride, and Factory Entertainment believes it’s high time that boring old walking sticks receive a fashionable update worthy of those who are impeccably geek-chic.

STIX™ Walking Sticks are far from ordinary canes. Fans first select a solid eucalyptus wood cane shaft, in either black or brown. They can then choose from a variety of interchangeable toppers (sold separately), giving them a different look for every day of the week. The first wave of toppers features Batman, The Joker, The Flash and Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg.

Walking stick shafts are a standard 36 inch length and come with a removable tip protector.

Each cane topper comes in a sturdy collector box to protect it when not in use.

Whether used as a fashion accessory or a functional cane, STIX™ will make any pop-culture fan stand out from the crowd!

You can check the products out here. (Fanboy Planet is not affiliated with Factory Entertainment, merely fascinated by this product.)

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