Doctor Who LOCKDOWN: The Best Of Days

While the world has been on lockdown, many creatives involved with Doctor Who present and past have come together to generate new stories in a new way. While Jodie Whittaker has filmed a minisode in character from her home, many adventures have taken a more audio-centric path. In this, “The Best of Days,” Steven Moffat writes a short follow-up for Bill (Pearl Mackie) and Nardole (Matt Lucas) after their separation from the Doctor. Rachel Talalay, who directed Peter Capaldi’s epic farewell episodes, supervised putting it all together.

If these episodes stay canon, it’s nice to have the door opened for Bill to meet the 13th Doctor. Plus, I never expected that I would love Nardole as much as I do. Moffat touches on current events, and though it’s never outright said, I can hear the 12th Doctor pleading, “be kind…”

From the Doctor Who Lockdown page:

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