Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode #578: Take Out Girl

This is NOT DoorDash!
This is NOT DoorDash!

Come listen to our Cinequest interview this week is with the creators of Take Out Girl, which has nothing to do with the current state of restaurants but is still an intriguing film you’re going to want to see. We also discuss the state of comics as distribution starts up again, a slew of new Virtual Conventions coming your way, hopeful movie and TV news, and Netflix’s latest acquisitions (You won’t believe #5!)

Virtual Conventions Coming Soon

IGN Summer of Gaming

Update: Postponed. We’ll let you know more when we know it.

June 4 – 24  –  
Lineup to include over three weeks of digital programming, including their exclusive showcase, IGN Expo

June 5 – 7
Panels, Workshops, Hashtag League Interviews, Demos, RPG demos and more!
Cryptozoic Con ’20 II
June 11-12
Exclusives, live streams, sneak peeks, giveaways.
June 19th – 21
June 24 – 28
The biggest gaming resource on the planet already holds several conventions a year as well as a gaming cruise. This promises to be a huge event, making use of multiple online gaming resources.
July 30th

Stay safe out there everyone!

Featuring Derek McCaw and Ric Bretschneider
Recorded 5/31/2020
Published 6/1/2020

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