Ehrenreich Has 3-movie Deal To Be Solo?

In what appeared to be a slip of the tongue by Alden Ehrenreich, he revealed that he is under contract with LucasFilm/Disney for three films total.

“Three. I don’t know if thats officially, uh, public. But yeah.”

Ehrenreich let it slip when speaking to a reporter from Esquire, but according to the source who revealed the information, he immediately had a look of panic as if he didn’t know if he should reveal that information. Whilst there has been rumors of a multi-picture deal for Ehrenreich, nothing has been confirmed.

LucasFilm/Disney don’t have to actually use Ehrenreich if they don’t want to, depending on the success of Solo : A Star Wars Story, but they have the option in case they want to continue the Solo story or have Ehrenreich pop up in other films in the Star Wars universe. Of course the film has had its well-documented troubles, with its first directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller getting fired and replaced by Ron Howard. However, Lucasfilm/Disney stuck to the May release date despite not seeing any footage until a teaser on Super Bowl Sunday.

In other news about Solo : A Star Wars Story, Lord and Miller told outlets that Ehrenreich was the first of about 3,000 actors they saw for the part of Solo. Lucasfilm president, Kathleen Kennedy confirmed Ehrenreich was the first actor seen. Both said that Ehrenreich nailed the audition and was the standard bearer, and despite all of the actors coming in, they kept going back to Ehrenreich. Most notably on production, Lucasfilm allegedly hired an acting coach for Ehrenreich.

Again, while we don’t know the future for Ehrenreich as Han Solo past the release of Solo : A Star Wars Story, we now know Ehrenreich could potentially play the character a number of times. The future will almost certainly depend on the critical and financial success of Solo, but Ehrenreich could potentially be the face of Han Solo for an entirely new generation of moviegoers.

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