(Is It) The Final Trailer For Solo

This trailer offers a new hope. Not necessarily that Alden Ehrenreich can channel the off-the-cuff overconfidence of Harrison Ford’s Han Solo, but that maybe this can really open the potential for the Star Wars universe onscreen beyond the Skywalker Saga. Those deep into Star Wars comics, books, and TV shows have known it, but here we are: the conmen, the gamblers, the thieves — the world below the worlds we’ve seen. And Donald Glover being the only man who could channel young Billy Dee Williams.

We’ve got a better sense of the droid, because there has to be a droid, and the set pieces that will make for great LEGO sets. There’s the beginning of Han and Chewbacca’s friendship, and again, oh, so much glorious swagger from Glover as Lando Calrissian. For the first time, I’m thinking I don’t want Solo to be solo — there’s a chance of enjoying a series of movies in this vein, especially if it could draw the Black Sun back into continuity. We got Thrawn back; now let’s see Prince Xizor.

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