Help Kickstart Rise Of The Kung Fu Dragon Master

He had me at Army of Darkness and Big Trouble in Little China. When I sat with writer Chris Mancini at a Sherman Oaks Starbucks in the Fall of 2019, I knew that Rise of the Kung Fu Dragon Master had potential.

In his new Kickstarter video, he throws in some spice from Shang Chi and Rumble in the Bronx. But it will also have Mancini’s own spin, teamed with his frequent artistic collaborator Fernando Pinto. The duo delivered a year or so ago with Long Ago & Far Away, a fantasy epic that turned fantasy epics on their head.

Full disclosure: when we talked, Chris had launched a campaign to fund this book, and it didn’t quite make it. But this time around — it should. It will. With the support of both publisher Starburns Press and Comixology, the campaign is streamlined, with a much easier digital delivery channel. And the story? Well, I’ll take Chris’ words:

Rick, a small time crook in Los Angeles, becomes an unlikely hero in the mystical battle between good and evil which has been fought since the days of Ancient China. And Rick is an angry, unfocused fight club member who is barely equipped to deal with…well…anything. Fans of action and comedy who like Shang-ChiArmy of DarknessBig Trouble in Little China and even ’80s buddy comedies should all find something to like here.

Sound good? Then go here and support this book. Minutes before writing this article, I did, too. This isn’t an affiliate thing; Chris and Fernando are just talented creators whose work I enjoy. You will, too.

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