Krypton Episode 6: Civil Wars

The action picks up immediately where we left off with Lyta, Seg and Adam Strange all listening to Dru-Zod about how he obtained his family Sigil necklace. While possibly hesitant about Dru-Zod’s story, Adam Stange recognizes him as Superman’s greatest enemy and points a gun to his head wanting to kill him on spot.

Ona continues her apprenticeship under The Voice of Rao. When asked by The Voice of Rao why she believes she is a worthy disciple, her response is chilling. Death, to those who don’t believe and follow! Daron and Nyssa Vex inform Jayna-Zod of their plan to rig an explosive in the during the closing of the Nova ceremonies, so the Vex’s can assume the ultimate power position in Krypton.

Zod explains that this is the moment in time that Braniac has chosen to set in motion the events that will destroy Krypton 200 years in the future. While caught between the choice of trusting or not to trust Zod, Seg-El truly has the mightiest of dilemmas. Zod informs Seg-El and Strange of a possible device, otherwise known as the “weapon of doom”.

While at the “Pardoning Party,” the sinful unwashed Kandorians accept Rao’s blessing. However, Dev-Em (Lyta-Zod’s betrothed), in charge of the Sagitari security detail, finds a former Black Zero bomb maker, but Nyssa-Vex intercedes and tells the Sagitari to not question the Voice of Rao. Dev-Em escorts the former bomber to a safe house, where he will eventually be blamed for the death of the High Priest.

Seg, Lyta and Zod find what they believe is the door that has the shiny Sigil on it. Zod detonates some military-grade devices to no avail. Seg realizes that the crest is actually a combination of both the El and Zod houses. After Seg and Zod slice their hands, and produce a combination of both of their blood the door opens. What they find inside is a monster frozen in a hibernation pod!!

Strange rushes in and tells them to not open the pod, saying the monster, Doomsday, will kill everyone. It was found out that it was created from a past union of the Zods and Els. We find this information out from Amireh, the lofty Cythonnites, whose sworn job is to protect the planet. Strange is asked to leave the planet, while Zod and El are now united in their quest.

Dev-Em prevents the planned attack, by screaming “bomb” during the closing of the Nova cycles. Dev-Em tries to get the High Priest to safety only to be ambushed by Jayna-Zod and the Sagitari. The Voice of Rao uncovers his mask for the first time, and shows a green parasite on his face. Black tentacles sprout from his face and killing the soldiers around him.

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