‘Lady Deadpool Diaries’ Launches

Wonder Woman didn’t so much change everything as open the floodgates. A generation of actresses and stunt women will be kicking down the doors with web series and clamoring for more characters on screen in general — and they should. Deadpool 2 will actually feature Zazie Beetz as Domino, who has more history, traction, and popularity than Lady Deadpool, who’s kind of just a female Deadpool instead of a character in her own right. Producer/writer/star Elle Viane Sonnet is making a case for Deadpool 3, however. Like a lot of fan films, we could nitpick, but in general, I just love that people are doing this sort of thing, and if Sonnet can prove that she can write a coherent serial, I hope we’ll see more from her.

Let’s reiterate, however, that this strictly a fan film, and not done with the official approval of Marvel, Disney, or 20th Century Fox.


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