Rob Liefeld Returns To Deadpool With ‘Bad Blood’

Say what you will about Rob Liefeld, the creator has made an almost indelible mark on comics and the larger culture. If not for him, we would not have Deadpool. If not for him, we might not have had the Syfy version of Battlestar Galactica, because his Extreme Comics kept the property alive for a while. And if not for him, we would not have Deadpool.

Yes, I said it twice, because even though other creators came onboard and refined the character to make him into Ryan Reynolds’ favorite superhero, Wade Wilson the Merc with a Mouth sprang from Liefeld’s head almost fully formed in X-Factor #94, and of all his creations, there are none so ubiquitous right now as Deadpool.

I’m not going to pretend that I’m a huge fan of Liefeld’s art, but this upcoming graphic novel is the best way for Marvel to work with him — he has trusted collaborators, and it’s a done in one story rather than serializing it and risk falling behind in deadlines. (As Rocket J. Squirrel would say, that trick NEVER works.)

There’s something everyone has to acknowledge. Love him or hate him, his work SELLS. Looking at the art here, he also seems a little more controlled. (His talent has always been untrained; experience has been his school.) I’m not sure, but I find myself… maybe… interested in this one.

From Marvel:

This May, comics legend Rob Liefeld returns to Marvel alongside fan-favorite creators Chris Sims & Chad Bowers (X-Men ’92) for an explosive adventure so big, it needed its own Original Graphic Novel to tell it! Today, Marvel is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD OGN will be available on May 17th wherever comics and books are sold, and we’re giving fans a brand-new look inside!

Shooting, stabbing and otherwise annoying his way across the Marvel Universe has made Deadpool his fair share of enemies over the years. Even though his sordid past contains no shortage of unfriendly faces, there is one he can’t quite place. A brutal new foe known only as Thumper. Who is this new menace that has the Merc With a Mouth so outmatched and outgunned? What is Deadpool’s past connection to this new baddie?

Wade’s journey to uncover the mystery of Thumper will take him across the Marvel Universe and face-to-face with many familiar faces. Cable! Domino! X-Force! Even Star-Lord! Blood will be shed and old scores will be settled. Deadly twists and turns await as Wade Wilson faces one of his greatest challenges yet. Don’t miss the full length DEADPOOL: BAD BLOOD OGN when it comes to comic shops and book stores every on May 17th!

Art & Cover by ROB LIEFELD
ISBN: 978-1-302-90153-0
FOC – 03/06/17, On-Sale – 05/17/17

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