San Francisco Will Suffer a Titan Attack! Escape from the Walled City Attack On Titan Experience

Described as Japan’s answer to The Walking Dead (because Americans always have to have a comparison), Attack On Titan has taken the world by storm. In a distant future, humanity has been reduced to a colony living behind three circular walls under the constant threat of being devoured by ridiculously large, constantly hungry, and utterly implacable giants they have dubbed Titans.

It’s a tense story of survival, originating in manga by Hajime Osiyama (published in the US by Kodansha). According to many, it’s really hammered home in the popular anime. (It will also be a live-action film, scheduled for release in Japan sometime this year.)

And since The Walking Dead has expanded from its comics roots to video games, television, and stadium experiences, it’s only logical that Attack On Titan would follow suit. (But has The Walking Dead crossed over with The Avengers? I think not.)

Somehow, I think this will be a little calmer than an ongoing zombie attack. Sure, the Titans are absolutely terrifying in concept, but much harder to execute live.

So the events company “SCRAP” has given it a twist and made it a problem-solving real time experience, and it’s coming to San Francisco on Sunday, February 1st at AT&T Park. It’s even open to children, though if they’re under 13 they must be accompanied by an adult.

They promise that you don’t need knowledge of the series in any form to have fun. Cosplay will, of course, be encouraged. And the prize WILL BE GLORY!

You can bring a team and find yourself in training in the Survey Corps, kept safe only by the high walls of the stadium… for now. A series of puzzles and challenges must be overcome in order to escape. According to SCRAP’s website, you have an hour and a half for the whole thing, and even if you don’t solve it, they will still allow you to leave. Keeping people against their will is illegal. Chances are you won’t be devoured by a 50-foot humanoid.

The simulation will run three times that day, rain or shine, at 10:30, 2:30, and 6:30. Advance tickets are $33, but will be available at the door for $38. You can find out more information here.

It does sound interesting, though I’m not sure how little kids would actually handle it. I suppose it depends on whether or not they actually have a terrifying Titan head or hand ready to flop its way over the stadium wall or worse…. rise up out of the bay. Still, it’s nothing compared to what they’re getting in Japan next week at Universal Studios:

The event will also be happening later in Los Angeles and New York City, and if successful, no doubt more will follow.

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