Save Mysterious Galaxy

Good bookstores get harder and harder to find. When you find a great one, you need to tout it. So it is with Mysterious Galaxy in Balboa Park, California.

The first stop on the brief book tour last year for I Was Flesh Gordon, Mysterious Galaxy proved to be everything I’ve come to truly love about book stores — great selection, great staff, and as a result, a great community. But word comes today that their ongoing search for a new owner has become extremely urgent — the store is losing its lease, and according to the Mysterious Galaxy website, “…unless a new buyer and new location are found immediately, Mysterious Galaxy will be forced to close its doors.”

The site goes on:

For nearly 27 years, Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore has been a vibrant part of the book community in San Diego, and a safe and welcoming place for those with a passion for books. The past several years have seen 5-10% growth in sales and increasing profits. The store’s participation in regional and industry conventions, and its stellar in-store events, have earned it a special place in the hearts of authors and readers alike, and created a well-respected brand in Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Mystery praised throughout the publishing and bookselling industry.

The purchase of Mysterious Galaxy is expected to be a turn-key sale, retaining the staff and mission of Mysterious Galaxy to grow and expand the already established brand. We eagerly hope to find the right buyer, who will focus on the future success and growth of Mysterious Galaxy, and consider the best interests of its expert staff. This is a growing and vibrant bookstore with a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff, who hope Mysterious Galaxy will thrive for many years to come. They are seeking a passionate new owner who can act swiftly to save this community treasure, and destination for readers, authors, and publishers.

A note from the Staff: Over its 27-year tenure as San Diego’s premier destination for genre-fiction, Mysterious Galaxy has become a home for those who love the magical, the odd, the chilling, & everything in between. We have found a family here, among each other and our wonderful readers, and we hope this store can continue to provide an inclusive place for anyone and everyone who wishes to pick up a new book, find an old favorite, or spend time among people who love books and the stories they contain. You can help us by getting the word out and sharing #savemysteriousgalaxy.

We’d love for you to be our 11th hour miracle!

For serious inquiries about purchasing the store, please contact current Mysterious Galaxy Store Owner Terry Gilman ( by November 20.

For general questions and information about the sale of Mysterious Galaxy contact Store Manager Kelly Orazi at 858-268-4747 or

If you know someone in the San Diego area who can help, spread the word! There must be someone in a position to keep this great community alive.

Note: Yes, Fanboy Planet is an Amazon affiliate. Any item you purchase through this website may provide a small percentage to Fanboy Planet. However, we’re asking you to help keep this, and any of your other favorite brick and mortar bookstores, alive. So… buy I Was Flesh Gordon from here if you’d like, and then buy something at Mysterious Galaxy. Or Dark Delicacies. Or Hicklebee’s. Or you tell us where!

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