The Idiot's Lantern: 13th Doctor Screen Tests

The rejected celebrity screen test format may be well-used by Saturday Night Live, but let’s face it: when the Idiot’s Lantern sketch group performs, they’re aiming at a much more specific audience. And people, that audience is us. After I ran their Tom Baker Valentine’s Day message, a representative from the Lantern let me know this new sketch had been posted on YouTube. And it’s even better.

At Gallifrey One Friday night, the troupe played this video to great reaction. Who knew that we might want Natasha Lyonne to take a crack at the Doctor? And, deep in our hearts, we already think that Jeff Goldblum might be a Time Lord, but the audition here pretty much seals it up. Mr. Chibnall, please cast him somewhere somehow in the next series.

Directed by Lauren Bancroft
Produced by Lauren Bancroft
Written by Lauren Bancroft, Brad Hansen and John Pingel
Associate Producer Athena Stamos

BBC Announcer – John Pingel
AC Character – Adam Joseph Ferry
Matthew McConaughey – Kevin Allen
Natasha Lyonne – Amanda Salvatore
Gilbert Gottfried/Owen Wilson – Stuart Thompson
Hugh Grant/Christopher Walken – Ian Cardoni
Jennifer Aniston/Kristen Bell – India Pearl
Al Pacino/Keanu Reeves/Mark Wahlberg – Ernest Sandoval
Jeff Goldblum – Ryan Pigg
Johnny Disco – Stephen Prescott
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Darrel Haynes
Voice of Casting Director – Lauren Bancroft

Director of Photography Jordan Pridgen
Sound Operator John Pingel
Edited by Lauren Bancroft
Mixed by David Clair
Colored by Matthias Schubert

Special Thanks to:
Special Order, Inc.
Pingcroft Loft Recording Studio
Gallifrey One

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