Batgirl Begins To Confuse Continuity


Not that the DC Extended Universe currently hangs together the way the Marvel Cinematic Universe does. At best, it’s like DC Comics in the early 1970s — some stories may look like they fit, but they’re really The Brave and the Bold. (Fun book, especially when you’re a kid, but it was out there on its own. Sometimes just out there.)

Today the twitter account Batgirl Film News published photographs from the set of the upcoming DC Films’ Batgirl, starring Leslie Grace. They depict the setting up of a mural at one of the Glasgow locations, presumably standing in for the Burnside borough of Gotham City. As you can see, the mural features a certain dynamic duo.


The costume on Batman looks like Michael Keaton’s from the Tim Burton Batman and Batman Returns. And Keaton is reported to be making an appearance. Those films did not, however, introduce Robin. So that’s an interesting development on the mural. It’s Dick Grayson, in a classic red and yellow costume. Though Grayson showed up in Batman Forever, played by Chris O’Donnell, it was already safe to assume that we wouldn’t be talking about those days. No actor has been publicized as being in the role for Batgirl.

To tangle things up a little further, J.K. Simmons has been confirmed as Commissioner Gordon. He played the role in both versions of Warner Bros.’ Justice League. At least we can say that since he’s also played two different versions of J. Jonah Jameson, he’s not quite the same Jim Gordon who worked with Ben Affleck’s Batman. Except that Affleck and Keaton are both appearing in The Flash as different Bruces Wayne, so maybe the timelines are merging as a result. Of course, that excludes The Batman, featuring Jeffrey Wright as Jim Gordon.

Written by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey) and directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, Batgirl is currently intended to be a film for HBO Max. That could change, as Blue Beetle was originally announced as an HBO Max film but has been bumped up to theatrical release. Until/unless such time as Warner Bros. changes its strategy again. At least we are confident that Brendan Fraser, who plays Robotman in Doom Patrol, will be Garfield Lynns aka Firefly in Batgirl.


In truth, I’m more excited about Batgirl than I am The Batman, because I think this will be fun. The Batman may be many things, including good, but it does not look fun.

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