Dan Slott Swings From Spider-Man To The Doctor!

One of the best comics writers working for Marvel will take a trip in the TARDIS. Dan Slott (various Spider-Man titles, Fantastic Four) has been announced to be writing three Doctor Who specials for Titan Comics. Better yet, for at least the first special, he’s working with an artist who knows his way around the various Time Lords, Christopher Jones (Young Justice). I have no doubt that together they’re going to bring something incredibly fun to new adventures of the 10th Doctor and Martha Jones.

From Titan:

Titan Comics is thrilled to announce that Eisner Award-Winning writer Dan Slott (Spider-Man) will pen three separate annual Doctor Who comic book one-shots. Dan’s 2022 special will feature the Tenth Doctor and companion Martha Jones, and will hit stores in April.

Witness the incredible adventures of the Tenth Doctor like never-before!

Writer Dan Slott – known for his critically acclaimed work on Marvel Comics such as The Amazing Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider-Man, Tony Stark: Iron Man, The Mighty Avengers, and Fantastic Four – is set to delight fans with an epic story that sees companion Martha Jones captured by the insatiable Pyromeths, and her only hope for survival is to keep them distracted with sensational untold tales of the Tenth Doctor facing off against his greatest foes – both classic and new!”

This all-new Tenth Doctor comic adventure teams Slott with fan-favourite artist Christopher Jones, who has previously worked on Titan’s Doctor Who: The Third Doctor – Heralds Of Destruction and Doctor Who: The Seventh Doctor – Operation Volcano.

“One of the worst secrets in comics is that I am one of the world’s biggest Whovians!” says Dan. “I’ve been regularly watching Doctor Who since the Tom Baker years, and am deeply devoted to every incarnation of the show! I’ve been waiting to write stories for the Doctor my whole life! And I couldn’t be happier than getting a chance to tell an all-new tale of the Tenth Doctor – and to be doing this with Chris and all the fine folks at TITAN! Allons-Y!”

photo cover courtesy BBC and Titan Com

“I’m very excited to be working on this project with Dan – he’s a huge Who fan, and it shows. This Doctor Who special exudes all of Dan’s creativity and love of storytelling, with a few surprises along the way!” says Doctor Who Comics editor, Jake Devine.

“We’re totally fired up that Dan is bringing his incredible knowledge and lifelong enthusiasm for Doctor Who to writing a story that will lead into a year long chapter for our favourite Time Lord,” say Titan Comics Publishers, Dr Vivian Cheung & Nick Landau.

The first special arrives in comics shops in April 2022, so tell your local store you want it!

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