Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 551: Live from BayCon 2019!

Live from the Lovely Escher Marriott!
Live from the Lovely Escher Marriott!

Live in front of a convention audience, our BayCon 2019 episode, with guest Steve Mix of Green Machine Comics!  We dwell deep on the streaming services delivering fannish bounty undreamt of, and what it means for you!  Then we drop into comics for news on Tom King’s Batman, the return of Earthworm Jim, an unexpected New Fun Comics #1, graphic novel recommendations, and news about Swamp Thing, Terminator, Godzilla, and Harrison Ford!

Thanks to Green Machine Comics and Illusive Comics and Games for donating prizes awarded during the podcast.

Featuring Derek McCaw and Ric Bretschneider
Recorded 5/27/2019
Published 5/31/2019

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