Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode #581: Three on a Podcast

The Fanboys Three!
The Fanboys Three!

Nate Costa, prodigal fanboy, returns just in time for this week’s discussion of a huge pulp revival, direct to streaming surprises, Wicked Chicken, and our picks of the week!

Picks of the Week:


  • Out this week:
    • The Umbrella Academy S2
    • Star Trek Lower Decks
  • Lucifer Season 5, August 21
  • The Boys Season 2, Sept 4

Stay safe out there!

Featuring Derek McCaw, Nate Costa, and Ric Bretschneider
Recorded 8/4/2020
Published 8/8/2020

8/8/20: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the page — please click on “Download” and a player will pop up and play this week’s episode.

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