May The 4th Be With You At ThinkGeek

Since we’re on a roll with Star Wars these past couple of weeks, we need to continue it by pointing out that site affiliate ThinkGeek is having a May the 4th Be With You sale on select Star Wars items until May 6th. (You may want to temporarily disable your Ad-Blocker software to see the offers.)

I’ve had my eye on the Han Solo in Carbonite rug for quite some time (use the box above).

If it’s wrong, I don’t want to be right.

But I’m also pretty tempted by the Death Star hot air popper (yes, “popped through the exhaust port!”) and the BB-8 waffle maker. (Mickey Mouse may still win out for me.)

Follow the handy dandy links below, and check out what ThinkGeek has on sale!


There’s also still time to pick up Geeki Tikis Series 1 and Geeki Tikis Series 2!