Doctor Who: Gridlock

May 3, 2007 Derek McCaw 0

After setting a really high standard with the first two episodes of the new season, can Doctor Who keep up the momentum or will it come to a grinding halt?

Review: Hot Fuzz

April 20, 2007 Derek McCaw 0

Guest Review by BBC Radio Humberside’s Jamie Kelwick After gaining cult status with their last movie, Shaun of the Dead, the anticipation for Edgar Wright […]

Doctor Who: The Shakespeare Code

April 17, 2007 Derek McCaw 0

One of the series most ambitious episodes, the Doctor and Martha travel back to the time of Queen Elizabeth I, but is this the series’ Hamlet or is it much ado about nothing?

Doctor Who: Smith and Jones

April 13, 2007 Derek McCaw 0

Trainee doctor Martha Jones thinks this is just another ordinary day at the hospital, that is until the Judoon invade and teleport the building to the surface of the moon. Searching for a fugitive from the law, the intergalactic police force start scanning the patients for non-human DNA. This puts one of Martha’s patients into action but she cannot understand why Mr. John Smith keeps telling her that he is the Doctor and while he might not exactly be from Earth it isn’t him that the Judoon are looking for.