Fanboy Planet Podcast Episode 456: Kurt Russell’s Ego

It's Huge!

Top Story: Interview with Nick Antosca

We interview the creator of Syfy’s Channel Zero; possibly the creepiest thing on the internet comes to TV!


What’s in the Bag?


  • Guardians of the Galaxy stuff
  • Leonardo DiCaprio producing a Captain Planet movie?
  • Warner Brothers wants to “reinvigorate the Willy Wonka franchise”…
  • Dueling Mulans
  • Logan news
  • Anna Kendrick wants to play Robin or Squirrel Girl or someone…
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan wants to play Flashpoint Batman


And much more!

Featuring: Derek McCaw and Ric Bretschneider

Recorded 10/19/2016
Published 10/30/2016

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