Cinequest 2018: “Pie”

March 7, 2018 Derek McCaw 0

UPDATED 3/27/2020: The short itself is now embedded below. Enjoy! Anthology series like Black Mirror are well and good, but we need something back like Night Gallery, […]

Cinequest 2018: Seeds

March 4, 2018 Derek McCaw 0

There’s a monster inside all of us. At least, there’s the potential. For Marcus Milton (Trevor Long), returning to his family home in Maryland may […]

Cinequest 2018: Peaches

March 3, 2018 Ric Bretschneider 0

We all know the rules of time travel by now. Never travel to a time and place where you’re sure to meet yourself. Never do it twice at the same time. Three times is a very bad idea. And a dozen or so… well that could be real trouble.