Review: 13 Ghosts

October 26, 2001 Derek McCaw 0

William Castle had it right. A master showman, Castle made cheap little horror films and wrapped their marketing up with some sort of gimmick. Sometimes […]

Review: A.I.

June 25, 2001 Derek McCaw 0

Forget the “online web mystery” that has made all the cyber-fanboys drool over the past couple of months. In A.I. there’s no murder to be […]

Review: Dr. Dolittle 2

June 25, 2001 Derek McCaw 0

Something amazing happened. A really terrible (but moderately successful) summer film spawned a sequel. Okay, in and of itself, that’s not so amazing. Instead, marvel […]

Review: Evolution

June 15, 2001 Derek McCaw 0

Stop us if you’ve heard this one, especially from Ivan Reitman. Three slightly odd guys and a hot woman find themselves in the midst of […]

Review: Swordfish

June 12, 2001 Derek McCaw 0

The first five minutes of Swordfish plays out like the wet dream of an angry film student. Sick of “Hollywood crap,” film-savvy villain Gabriel Shear […]